There are some exemplary fields of application of nanomaterials-containing medical products:

  • General medicine: Additional antimicrobial effect achieved through silver coatings on dressings and surgical stockings.
  • Cardiology: Coating of catheters (silver coatings) for bacteriostasis.
  • Implantology: Achievement of biocompatibility through coating with titanium-containing materials; modification of implant surface properties through coating with diamond materials improving the contact surfaces; use of crystalline hydroxyl apatite as bone replacement material.
  • Dialysis technology: Nano-treatment of membranes and hollow fibers for achievement of specific filtration properties.
  • Oncology: Use of magnetic iron-containing nanoparticles in tumor therapy for local tissue destruction by means of high-frequency alternating magnetic fields; use of special antibody-coated catheters for diagnosis of tumor-specific cells in the blood.


A database containing all medical products available on the market in Europe is underway.


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