Diamond nanoparticles are chemically inert and considered as biocompatible, i.e. there is no release of potentially toxic ions, no modification in the body and the particles are well tolerated [1].


As part of the BMBF-funded project INOS, diamond nanoparticles were studied using the human cell lines A549 (lung) and HaCaT (skin). These in vitro tests showed no cytotoxic effect of diamond nanoparticles which were used in concentrations up to 20 micrograms/ml for 24 hours and 3 days [2]. In addition, the effect was studied on cells of the brain. Again, a treatment with diamond nanoparticles induced no toxic effects [2].

Another study with A549 cells also showed no cytotoxic effect of 5 and 100 nm diamond particles, even though very high doses were used [3].



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