The in vivo studies for nano-diamond testing were carried out against a background of using the particles as carriers for drugs, e.g. in chemotherapy [1]. In addition to the drug-loaded particles, nano-diamond particles were tested alone as a control.


Diamond particles without and surface modifications. © Chow et al., 2011.Diamond particles without and surface modifications. © Chow et al., 2011.A study with mice showed that 50 nm diamond particles translocate from the blood into liver, spleen, kidneys and lungs, and they were still detectable there even after 28 days. Approximately 60 % of the administered particles were enriched in the liver. No excretion of the particles was observed, resulting in the requirement of further studies regarding long-term behaviour in the body [2].


In another mice study, nanodiamond was used as a carrier for chemotherapeutic agents [3]. It was shown that both the side effects of chemotherapy and tumor growth could be reduced [3].

Although similar in size (about 50 nm), the nanodiamonds used in this study were excreted within days from the bodies of mice.



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