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Workshop "Safety aspects of nanomaterials"

From 27 – 28th of April 2017, the International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology (APV) is hosting a workshop in Berlin, Germany on the topic of "Safety aspects of nanomaterials in the development of drugs, medical products and cosmetics". The workshop is aimed at pharmacists, scientists, engineers and technicians working with nanomaterials in the development, manufacturing, licensing, quality assurance and business development of drugs and medical products as well as interested academics from other scientific areas.


The number of nanomaterials in the pharmaceutical and medical field has almost exponentially rose over the past 15 years and many reports predict that nanotechnology markets will be tens of billions of dollars in the near future. As drug carriers, e.g. for chemotherapy agents, as excipients in traditional forms like tablets or capsules, as coatings of implants and in dental materials, or in biochips and cosmetics, the potential of nanosized materials is increasingly growing. Although nanomaterials in the health care sector are highly accepted by the public, there are many unanswered questions on the potential environmental and health risks associated with the manufacture, use, distribution and disposal of nanomaterials.

In the workshop an overview over the nanomaterials in the field, their intrinsic properties, behavior in the body and state of the art applications will be presented. The unique properties that make nanotechnology exciting, however, also require a risk assessment for product safety and effectiveness, that will be discussed concerning the preclinical in vitro and in vivo development and test programs. Experts in the field will introduce the viewpoint of authorities, the regulatory framework and the guidance on safety requirements in the toxicological and ecotoxicological development. Concepts for risk assessment and safe-by-design, as well as process development aspects in the life cycle of the nanomaterials will be compared. Furthermore, the opinions of stakeholders in the field like insurances, consumer representatives and the manufacturing industry will be discussed. The workshop wants to offer strategies and ideas how to evaluate and qualify nanomaterials in health care applications.



  • Manufactured nanomaterials: Definition and diversity
  • Risk exposure and pharmacokinetics of nanomaterials
  • The preclinical development of nanomaterials
  • In vivo toxicological approaches in nanotoxicity testing
  • Ecotoxicity testing and environmental aspects in nanoproduction and use
  • Life cycle management and process development of nanomaterials
  • Nano risk analysis and risk management
  • Stakeholder opinions: The socioeconomic ecosystem and impact of Nanomedicine


  • More Information on this workshop, program and registration can be accessed via http://www.apv-mainz.de/seminare/pharma-veranstaltungen/veranstaltung/seminar/6659/


WHEN: 27.04 – 28.04.2017

WHERE: Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz, Alexanderplatz 7, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Participation & Registration: The fee for the 2-day event is €178 for Students, €645 for Authorities & Academia and €1290 for Industry. Coffee breaks, luncheon, dinner and electronic proceedings are included. For registration, please the online form (http://www.apv-mainz.de/seminare/pharma-veranstaltungen/seminaranmeldung/?tx_seminarplanner_pi1%5Buid%5D=268)



APV-Geschäftsstelle - Dr. Martin Bornhöft
Tel.: +49 6131 9769-0, E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Information on the sponsorship programmes of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research on nanotechnologies for humans and the environment.


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The chapters on release, exposure, uptake and behavior of nanomaterials in the human body and in the environment as well as the risk assessment will give you a first overview.


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Spotlight Research

Nano-safety - topic of the future

In October we would like to present the special issue "Future Nanosafety" published in "Chemical Research in Toxicology".

In 17 articles operation procedures for future test methods, alternatives for animal testing, safe-by-design processes and detection methods of nanoparticles are presented.






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