ETPN webinar „Nanotoxicology revisited: the NanoBioQuant project“

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01.12.2022 - 01.12.2022

ETPN webinar „Nanotoxicology revisited: the NanoBioQuant project

An ETPN webinar feat. Prof. Martin Wiemann (Head of IBE R&D Institue for Lung Health).

The assessment of the safety of nanomaterials (NM) and nanotechnology products is based on toxicological studies that need to be in accordance with regulatory criteria. In this context, the distribution of NM in the organism plays a key role in understanding NM effects. Although it is now known that inhaled NM can reach organs such as liver, spleen and kidney NM, studies on the localization of NM within these organs are lacking. Which cell types take up or accumulate nanomaterials? And what effects can be expected as a result?

To clarify these questions, studies on NM’s organ distribution were carried out for the first time secondary to a long-term inhalation of low NM concentrations. In the 3 years-project NanoBioQuant project partners (funded by BMBF) tested and optimized analytical methods for the detection of nanomaterials in tissues. Cell types that take up or accumulate nanomaterials were identified and provided the basis for cell models with the help of which biological effects of NM were investigated. The overall goal was to transfer NM concentrations found in the organ to these cell models. The presentation will touch upon state-of-the-art mass spectroscopic techniques for the spatially resolved detection of organic and inorganic NM and on label-free microscopy techniques.


WANN: 01.12.2022, 17:00-18:15 CET




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