Facts about the safety of new, innovative materials - health and environmental aspects
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Here you will find further information on new and innovative materials. The DaNa knowledge base provides information on products and applications with nanomaterials. Learn more about the operating procesdures and the criteria catalogue for literature evaluation.

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Knowledge Base

Which innovative advanced materials and nanomaterials are used in which applications? Do humans and/or the environment come into contact with them? What consequences does this have for people and the environment? Is there a risk?
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Here you will find information on innovative and nanomaterials. We first give an overview of each material and then go into detail. What properties does the material have (material info)? How can humans come into contact with it (human exposure)? Is there a release into the environment? Is there a possibility of the material being absorbed into humans or the environment and what is the effect? Select the desired material.
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Operating Instructions

Here you can find Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and laboratory protocols and a SOP template available for Download.
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Literature Criteria Checklist

The literature that provides the basis of the Knowledge Base has been selected in accordance with quality criteria that have been acknowledged worldwide within the scientific community. Particularly with respect to toxicological publications (human and eco toxicology) all described experiments and results were extensively assessed by the DaNa experts using the “Literature Criteria Checklist“, a customised methodology to evaluate […]
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