What's new around emerging, innovative materials and nanomaterials?

IPTC 2019 – 12th International Particle Toxicology Conference

21. March 2019

From 11-13th September 2019, the 12th International Particle Toxicology Conference will be taking place in Salzburg, Austria. The IPTC series of conferences brings together experts on particle toxicology worldwide considering all types of particles. It covers basic research issues, but has a strong focus on applications of particle toxicology, which are in work place safety, […]

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Nanoparticles give infrared eyesight

8. March 2019

Surprisingly simple method could expand human visual sense  Extended senses: An injection with nanoparticles could expand our vision in the future – and make infrared radiation visible to us. Researchers have now successfully tested how this works with mice. The nanoparticles injected into the eye attach themselves to the photoreceptors of the retina and convert […]

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Nanoparticles and the olfactory mucous membrane – a new DaNa article on body barriers

4. March 2019

Our inhaled air contains a multitude of molecules, dust particles and biological components (pollen, bacteria, viruses, plant fibres etc.). In addition to gas molecules such as oxygen, which is very important to us, other unwanted things also enter our respiratory tract. The olfactory mucosa is an important barrier here. What role does the olfactory mucosa […]

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Getting specific about nanomaterials – JRC report on nanomaterial definitions

26. February 2019

The JRC just released a report clarifying the key concepts and terms used in the European Commission’s nanomaterial definition.   This will support stakeholders for the correct implementation of legislation making reference to the definition. Nanotechnology may well be one of the most fast-moving sectors of the last few years. The number of products produced […]

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Ironoxide carbohydrate nanoparticles for iron deficiency – DaNa publishes new cross-cutting article

25. February 2019

The application of metallic nanoparticles is being widely investigated for various nanomedicines. Especially in novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools they have a high potential. How can ironoxide carbohydrate nanoparticles help against iron deficiency? What kind of Nanomedicin with iron is available and what kind of effects have been observed? The recently published DaNa-article “Ironoxide carbohydrate […]

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