SweNanoSafe Workshop “Measuring Nanoparticles in Occupational Environments”

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09.11.2021 - 09.11.2021

4th Annual Workshop of the SweNanoSafe Research Network – Focus on “Measuring Nanoparticles in Occupational Environments”

The workshop will include several national speakers from academia, industry and standardisation as well as government agencies, including the Swedish Work Environment Authority, who will present their views on nanosafety in the workplace. In addition to expert presentations by Dr Hubert Rauscher (JRC) and Dr Volker Bachmann (BAuA), the programme includes group discussions on the topics of “measurements of the working environment” and “cooperation between industry and science”.

WHEN: 09.11.2021

WHERE: Online & Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden

Registration & further information via https://swenanosafe.ki.se/2021/07/07/save-the-date-4th-annual-workshop-of-the-swenanosafe-research-network-focus-on-measuring-nanoparticles-in-occupational-environments/

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