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Inno.CNT – CarboLifeCycle

CarboLifeCycle – Innovation Alliance Carbon Nanotubes: Innovation for industry and society

Based on the results of the projects CarboSafe and TRACER the project CarboLifeCycle intensifies the research concerning nano-safety aspects. In this project the emphases besides the ecotoxicological consideration are on the development of measurement engineering, the advancement of measurement strategies and the measurement of potential exposure within the production, processing, utilisation and “end of life” of CNT’s or CNT containing products.

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Inno.CNT – CarboAir

CarboAir – Innovation Alliance Carbon Nanotubes: Innovation for industry and society

The CarboAir project concentrates on innovative applications for the aeronautical industry and wind power plants. The project is making important contributions to the use of CNT in lightweight applications with high cyclical demands and tribological stress and will improve impact-resistance and flexural strength. In general terms, the project aims to improve the mechanical properties of epoxy resins for improved matrix stability and rigidity in composite materials, which will translate into higher fiber-parallel pressure-resistance and interlaminar shearing strength. The application project investigates five applications from the air, space, energy, security, and medical technology sector.

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Inno.CNT – CarboSafe

CarboSafe – Innovation Alliance Carbon Nanotubes: Innovation for industry and society

A transparent safety concept will create trust and confidence in CNT products. To ensure the safety of carbon nanotubes and the products based on them, potential risks have to be evaluated and adequately communicated. A prerequisite for this is a sound knowledge of possible exposure routes and the action of carbon nanotubes in contact with biological systems. The development of test methods to determine the exposure and to characterize carbon nanotubes is another important module. The innovation alliance CNT will tackle these challenges in a cross sectional project called CarboSafe. The basic objective is to develop reliable measuring technologies for unambiguously determining the release rates of nanoparticles in the lifecycle of CNT-based products. Furthermore, the CarboSafe project aims to identify the ecotoxicological potential of carbon nanotubes and to accurately estimate the risk potential with the aid of newly developed measuring technologies. The findings obtained here will Supplement a number of other studies and projects that currently deal with the safety aspects of carbon nanotubes. They include, for example, the TRACER project supported by the BMBF, which will provide an important basis for the CarboSafe project. TRACER has been involved with the risk assessment of CNTs along the entire value chain since 2006, and aims to derive recommendations for handling carbon nanotubes during their production and processing, and during the use of potential end products.

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