The German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) publishes Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances on activities involving nanomaterials.  The Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) reflect the state of technology, occu-pational medicine and occupational hygiene as well as other verified scientific knowledge for activities involving hazardous substances including their classification and labelling. The TRGS 527 Activities involving nanomaterials can be found...

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 After a successful closing of the DaNa2.0 project in December 2019 DaNa4.0 will start on 01.03.2020:Data on new, innovative and safe application related materials DaNa4.0 - Data on new, innovative and safe application related materials is a science communication project dealing with the safety of novel materials. The project deals with questions whether certain materials could be harmful to humans and/or the environment or whether and how humans and the environment could come into contact with these materials. Complex, toxicological questions from current materials research...

 The Cluster Nanotechnology and the network NanoCarbon (www.nanocarbon.net) – managed by the cluster – invite the interested nanocarbon community to the 6th NanoCarbon Annual Conference to be held in Würzburg, Germany from March 3 – 4, 2020. In the open network NanoCarbon, national and international players in the field of carbon nanomaterials (material and equipment manufacturers, research institutes and users in the industry) collaborate aiming at the development of innovative and marketable nanocarbon products. The conference offers an ideal platform for...

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Food may contain additives based on nanomaterials. These food additives alter various properties such as appearance, taste or shelf life. They are also used to encapsulate trace substances, which increases the stability of the coated compounds.   Which nanomaterials are currently found in food? What is the legal framework for the use of nanomaterials? Are there health concerns regarding added nanoparticles?   These questions are answered in the new DaNa article “Nanomaterials in Food” in the cross-cutting section.


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