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Only one day left to submit your abstract…. Conference Advanced Materials Safety 2023, Saarbruecken

Only one day left to submit your abstract for the international conference Advanced Materials Safety 2023. Submit your original work until 15 September 2023, network with colleagues from a wide range of related research fields and get the newest research from international experts in:

  •    Assembly and disassembly of safe advanced materials
  •     Sustainable approaches to advanced materials
  •     Impact of advanced materials on human health
  •     Advanced materials for safe therapeutic applications
  •     Advanced materials in the environment
  •     Predicting effects of advanced materials by computational modelling


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InnoMat.Life Project Team

From Nano- to Advanced Materials: Summary of the InnoMat.Life project

InnoMat.Life studied selected innovative materials during their life cycle and assessed material properties, release and exposure as well as potential hazards for humans and the environment. Three innovative material classes were selected: (nano‐)fibres; polydisperse polymer particles for additive manufacturing and materials with complex composition and/ or morphology. InnoMat.Life build on existing knowledge primarily from nanosafety research and tested for instance the applicability/ transferability of existing test methods. To avoid testing each and every material variant individually, InnoMat.Life developed criteria catalogues to describe similarity to establish grouping approaches as an overall project goal. InnoMat.Life therefore delivered important contributions to the risk assessment of the selected innovative materials.

Go to the LinkedIn article:

A summary of the project results is now available via the InnoMat.Life homepage or the DaNa knowledge base.


CFC Abschlussworkshop 2023

Final Workshop Project CarbonFibreCycle – Registration is open

Abschlussworkshop Projekt Carbon Fibre Cycle – Carbonfasern im Kreislauf, 19.-20.01.2023, KIT Campus Nord

Within the framework of the BMBF joint project “CFC – Carbon Fibre Cycle: Carbon fibers in the cycle” under the project management of KIT, numerous new methods and findings on the behavior, recycling, and potential impact of carbon fibers on humans and the environment have been obtained in recent years. At the final workshop on January 19 and 20 2023, the project consortium will present the achieved results to the public in the form of lectures and a poster session. The event is aimed at all those interested in this complex of topics. Registration deadline for the two-day workshop is December 06, 2022.

  • Further Information on the program, registration and submission of posters can be found in the Workshop Flyer (PDF)


WHENN: 19.-20.01.2023

WHERE: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – Campus Nord, Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

Participation & Registration: Participation in the workshop is free of charge. Please register (see workshop flyer) by 06.12.2022. There is the possibility to submit your own poster contributions. Details can be found in the flyer.


EUON Market report Nanomaterials 2022

New EUON market study on nanomaterials published

EUON market study on nanomaterials published – European nanomaterial market expected to grow

The latest study by the European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON) predicts growth in the European nanomaterial market over the period of 2021 – 2025. The study provides a list of nanomaterials currently on the market and identifies key market operators.

EUON has published a study report on the European Union market for nanomaterials, including substances, uses, volumes and key producers, traders and users. The study also covers the European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland.

According to the study, which was carried out in 2021 as a combination of literature research, surveys and interviews, the European nanomaterial market is expected to grow in the next five years in both volume and value. While Brexit had an impact on this projection, perhaps surprisingly, the SARS-COV-2 pandemic was not perceived by interview participants to lead to a market slow-down. It is worth noting that the study was carried out before the crisis arising from the war in Ukraine, and hence its impact on the study outcomes is not known. While the largest segment is currently the metal oxides market, growth is predicted to be driven mainly by nanoclays, nanocellulose and carbon-based nanomaterials…


CarbonFibreCycle Projekt Logo

Carbon fibers – A material with health risks?

Carbon fibers – A material with health risks? News from the NanoCare4 Project CarbonFibreCycle

Fragments of carbon fibers can be released during the processing and recycling of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. What happens if the people involved inhale them? Do these fiber fragments pose a health hazard? KIT researchers are looking for answers together with other research and industry partners in the joint Carbon Fibre Cycle (CFC).

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