The New Hightech Strategy LogoThe German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding research and development projects on the topic of "Safe handling of synthetic nanoparticles - Studying the effects on humans and the environment - Nano Care" within the framework programs "Materials Innovations for Industry and Society - WING" (2004-2014) and "From Material to Innovation" (2015-2025).


Nanotechnology provides important impulses to solve global challenges. Potential market segments for nanotechnology are for example in medical, environmental and energy sector.The growing economic impact of nanotechnology and the increasing use of synthetic nanoparticles and nanomaterials in products require accurate knowledge on the interactions of applied nanoparticles and nanomaterials with the environment. To use the potential of nanotechnology best while ensuring the responsible handling with nanomaterials, are targets of the national concept of the new Hightech Strategy and the German Federal Government's „Action Plan Nanotechnology 2020".


This funding initiative is part of the new Hightech Strategy of the German Federal government. It aims at innovation and growth of the industry in Germany. A close cooperation between companies and research institutes in the university and non-university sector, the involvement especially the contributions of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as the exploitation of the project results in Germany is of outstanding importance.


NanoCare4.0 - Reliable material innovations

- the new BMBF funding measure

At present, the development and production of new materials are facing fundamental changes. New ways of material development include virtual material development with a computer-aided design, increasingly use digital data for modelling and simulation and support research into new material classes. Safety aspects must therefore be taken into account at an early stage in the development process and throughout the entire life cycle of the material. In order to meet these demands of industry and consumers, the new NanoCare4.0 funding measure is to investigate not only nanomaterials, but all innovative materials that are suspected of having harmful effects on the environment or health.



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